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High pressure  cartridge, Power Press Machine, All types of ID Card Printer and Laminating Unit, Gear Hobbing Machine, Power Hacksaw Machine, Trapping Machine, Spot welding Machine, Power Press Machine, Propellant, High quality hot rolled round steel, Bayonet, Q312-1.10.11 With Sheath Casing (Finished) For Rifle BD-08, Gilding Metal Clad Steel Sheet (G.M.C.S. Strip) For Bullet Jacket T- 56, Tracer Tube T-56. Gilding Metal Clad Steel Strip (G.M.C.S. Strip) For Carts Case Ball T-53. Bolt Carrier, Q312-1.04-1 For 7.62mm Auto Rifle BD-08, Universal Milling Machine, Temperature Test Chamber Machine, Digital Universal Pendulum Impact Tester, Medical Equipments, 500Ma High frequency X-Ray Machine, Dental Chair Complete, SWD with Traction Machine, RGV- Dental Digital Radiography with Monitor, Fully Automated  Electrolyte  Analyzer, Fork Lift Truck, Hot Press, Hydraulic Stacker (Semi Electric), combination drum & hand truck, Mobile Crane (Pick and carry crane), Prime Mover, Hydraulic Beam Lifter, Multi VRF Type Air Condition Plant, Digital Solid Density Meter, CNC Turning Center, Blanking and Forming Hydraulic Press Machine, CNC Lathe Machine, Sintering Furnace, CNC Cylidrical Grinding Machine, CNC Flute cutting/ Grinding Machine,  Digital Melt Flow Tester – Melt Flow Indexer-MFI  Digital Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Portable Optical Emission Spectrometer(OES), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) for Polymers and Plastics Testing, Plasticised PETN (Penta erythritol Tetra Nitrate) Explosive for Grenade Hand Arges-84, Pure Lead for Filler for Ball T- 56 & Tracer T- 56, Purity 99.99%, Hard Steel Ball, Geo-Bag (any size), Indian Black Stone,  Photo Electric Colorimeter, CNC Cylindrical Griding Machine, Guard Track Hand-Held Device, CNC Vertical Machine Centre, CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Flute Cutting/Griding Machine, Horizontal Milling Machine etc, Trimming press, rectifier, forklift, durometer, vibrating polishing machine, auto pipe threading machine, crimping machine, sand siever.
Green Power Co., Ltd, BOBO Machine Co., Ltd, Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc, Anhui LIFU Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. 


We provide visa and all other logistics supports to the foreign visitors in Bangladesh. We are involved in joint venture development of various firms in Bangladesh
Geographical Preference: Worldwide.